The tainted Halloween candy urban legend has an update for 2019. Instead of needles and poison, this time it’s CBD.

Several media outlets have reported false claims about Halloween candy laced with CBD. These stories tend to focus on gummy candy-a popular CBD product. WRAL in North Carolina station in particular posted a false and over dramatic story claiming CBD will get you “high”.

WRAL was forced to publish a correction after falsely stating that a particular brand of CBD gummies contains THC.

The false claims state that evil-doers on Halloween plan to give out their own CDB gummies to kids in order to get them high. This is simply not the case as CBD does not cause a high like marijuana. The stories also mention the possibility of actual marijuana gummies being given out to kids in states where it is legal.

False stories and unprovoked media outrage lead to even more of a stigma around hemp and CBD.

So far, there have been no reports of CDB or even marijuana infused candy being given out to kids at Halloween.

Even though children can take CBD (if approved by a doctor) for a variety of conditions, mainly epilepsy, it is best to keep all CBD products away from children.

Source: Ministry of Hemp

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