Hemp legalization has transformed the US economy and presented a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs. The transportation of hemp across state lines has been an issue for many depending on the hemp laws in various states. Certain issues have occurred even after federal legislation passed in January 2019 that guaranteed interstate hemp transportation.

After a Colorado hemp company is currently seeking the return of 7,000 pounds of hemp biomass after it was seized during transport in Idaho. The county in Idaho which confiscated the hemp argues that interstate hemp transportation isn’t guaranteed until the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) implements the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill which allows for the legal cultivation of hemp on the federal level.

The Farm Bill promised protection for hemp transportation but does not include a specific way for states to test the THC content. Hemp plants that are legal inone state might be seized in another for illegal marijuana.

Last month, a Minnesota hemp industry group advised local manufacturers not to order hemp biomass from other states. after a deliveryman was arrested in South Dakota for transporting plants from Colorado to Minnesota for extraction.

Hemp industry professionals and advocates are hoping for a quick solution from the USDA in order to continue growing their businesses.

In April 2019, the Idaho Senate attempted to pass a hemp legalization bill in order to assist local farmers. The bill died later that month after the Senate. While growing hemp remained illegal, the state now allows for transport-several months after the initial seizure of the Colorado hemp.

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